Working Together During Pandemic

During the Pandemic this year, we have tried to keep our tenants engaged by having activities with social distancing in mind. We have delivered meals to our seniors during the holiday season and hosted an outside BBQ with take out platters for our families at Silver Run.  We have scheduled contests and raffles to keep spirits high. For our adult tenants, we have had a door and window decorating contest, TV raffle, and a black history contest.  For our children, we have had them engaging in essays and art projects on important issues in our community. In addition, we have  distributed books and care packages to our children.  In an effort to keep our tenants safe, we have provided masks to each resident.

Our staff and Board have continued to work diligently during this pandemic to improve the lives of our tenants and  to make sure that the Penns Grove Housing Authority runs smoothly and efficiently. The Penns Grove Housing Authority Board approved a new playground at Silver Run for our children to enjoy this year and a hallway flooring/remodeling renovation at our senior building. Our maintenance staff have continued to make repairs, prepare units for new families, and work on improvements to our properties including installation of a new gazebo and planters at Penn Towers. Our office staff re-opened the office to better serve our tenants and community and continue to work at home.  

We understand that these are hard times and we want you to know that the Penns Grove Housing Authority and our non profit agency Penns Grove Community Housing Initiative cares for our tenants and our community. We will continue to keep providing safe and sanitary housing and engaging with our tenants. Thank you for your assistance with making Penns Grove stronger. 

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